MaDevil is an Indie-Game, made by one developer over the course of 4 years.

The Mad Devil

It's a normal, peaceful day on the island, when suddenly the devil appears from the ocean. He wreaks havoc and summons a horde of demons to kill all the humans. Even the ones that managed to survive the attack have gone insane and became... something else entirely.

The Fisher And The Goddess

You play the lone survivor of this apocalypse: A fisherman, stranded on the island. For some unknown reason the goddess of the sea protects you from the forces of evil. As your boat is broken, you must now find another way to leave the island.

The Content

Make your way through 9 unique levels, while fighting 30 different kinds of monsters, crafting, collecting and using over 200 items and solving all the mysteries of the island. Traverse detailed environments, such as a dark ravine, a harbor by night, a desert with fireball-throwing plants, a graveyard in an alternate dimension and much more!

MaDevil offers around 12 hours of playtime, or even more if you take your time to discover everything.

The Game

The game is played from a 3rd-person perspective. You can zoom in or out to get a close look at your character or an overview of your surroundings. Control your character by clicking where you want to go, using the WASD-keys or by using your Controller.

The combat revolves around using knifes, swords, your bow and several other handy gadgets to kill the demons that stand in your way. Try to find the most effective (or coolest) tactic!

You can spend skillpoints at shrines of the Goddess, where you unlock new and powerfull abilities. Your active skills (from which you can choose 3) drastically change the gameplay and offer new and unique playstyles.



Here are some screenshots from the game.
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Some running away
Never bring a spear to a bowfight
Finding some shiny stone
A lot of bad guys
Collecting a beautiful item
Fighting some skinny dudes
In the underground
Tinkering with technology



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me and my main character
Dresden, Germany


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